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Pocket PCRef 
14th Edition

Thomas J. Glover
Richard A.Young
Mary F. Glover
Millie M. Young

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The concise PC computer reference for the novice and seasoned professional!

This great book has been around since 1991, yet each successive annual edition contains more and new, up-to-date reference information for PC computers.

The 14th Edition is 4" x 6" size with a total of 1088 pages. Contains new information you cannot
easily find anywhere else! Our best edition to date!

Pocket PCRef continues to be a favorite with our customers -- year after year -- current information that you need at your fingertips...and at a price you can afford every year!

ISBN: 978-1-885071-58-3; UPC: 769344-00074-8;
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  2010900672
Size: 4" x 6" x 1" pages;1088
Soft Cover: Yellow Lexotone, Blue foil imprinting

Custom cover imprinting

Detailed Contents
Changes/Updates to 14th Edition

Hardware PC Memory Modules
Unicode Standard
Language Abbreviations – 2 and 3 Letter Codes
History of Personal Computers
Major Update:  Troubleshooting Tools
Major Update:  Troubleshooting -Startup Programs, Processes and Task Manager
Major Update: Windows Command Reference – includes NT, 2000, XP, Vista , Windows 7, and partial Servers 2003, 2005, 2008  
Major Update:  Windows Keyboard Shortcuts – includes all operating systems from Windows 95 through Windows 7

Updated:History of Windows
Updated: Country Domain Name Extensions
Updated: File Name Extensions
Updated: Magneto Optical Drive Specs and Mfg Directory
Updated: Tape and Floppy Drive Mfg Directories
Updated: Troubleshooting -Error Codes – HTTP
Updated: Troubleshooting -Networking – Wireless LAN

Major Update:
Hardware CPU
Major Update: Hard Drive Specs and Mfg Directory
Major Update: CD-ROM and DVD Drive Specs and Mfg Directory
Major Update: Glossary

Views and Reviews
Bismark, ND
I have used this little "Giant" of a reference book for over 10 years. Don't know what I would do without it.
This is the BEST book that I have ever used for computer repair. This book keeps me from lugging 4 or 5 other computer references with me. This is the ONLY general computer reference worth buying!
San Diego
I run a medical hardware company and provide this book to every technician in my employee.

An interesting, but definitely low tech, item I found was a really handy pocket (literally) reference book for DOS programmers. If you are a consultant, this is a definite must....By far the best $... you could spend. It's small enough to fit into your briefcase and will make you look like an expert. I can't recommend it enough...."
Mining Engineering
"This shirt-pocket-sized book is a concise reference containing information frequently needed by users of personal computers. It covers ASCII tables, connector pinouts, modem switch settings and commands and hard drive specifications, including configuration information on more than 1000 personal computer models. It contains information on memory maps, hardware interrupts and I/O maps, error codes, controller jumper settings and other topics."
Say You Saw It in CQ
"...the new book contains a large MS-DOS command reference section, a PC industry phone listing with 2000 main and technical support telephone numbers and keyboard scan codes. There's also configuration information on more than 1200 hard disk drives, memory maps, printer control codes, modem commands, decimal-to-hex conversions, PC error codes, port and cable pinouts, and more.."


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